25 agosto 2008

The Kitsch Biennale 2008 - Münich, Germany

The Kitsch Biennale 2008

The Kitsch Biennale will be held in Pasinger Fabrik, which is a culture house directed by the city of Münich. Several exhibitions of figurative painting have been held on the premises, and there is a gallery space of more than 540 square meters (4843 square feet). Pasing is a part of Munich, about 10 minutes with a train from Marienplatz in center city. Pasinger Fabrik is an early 20th century building, and in addition to 540 square meters of exhibition space there is a separate restaurant, a bar, and a small theater where WWK will present theatre plays. Please see Pasinger Fabrik for pictures and more information about the venue (information only in German).

The Kitsch Biennale was originally an annual event, however, WorldWideKitsch has decided to turn the Kitsch Annual into a biennale exhibition. The Kitsch Annual 2006 (in Norway) created so much attention, nationally and internationally, that we decided to launch the event on a bigger scale. A larger scope and ambition demands more time and space, and we therefore decided that a biennale was the more appropriate format. We are thrilled to present the Kitsch Biennale 2008 at the Pasinger Fabrik, in Münich, Gemany!

The exhibitors of the Kitsch Biennale 2008

45 painters and sculptors will show their 73 pieces of work, at Pasinger Fabrik this autumn.

These are the persons who will exhibit their work:

  1. Patricia Traub (guest exhibitor)
  2. Andreas Birath
  3. Odd Nerdrum
  4. Luke Hillestad
  5. David Dalla Venezia
  6. Anthony Connolly
  7. Conor Walton
  8. Thomas Klevjer
  9. Monika Helgesen
  10. Helene Knoop (jurymember)
  11. Jan-Ove Tuv (jurymember)
  12. Robert D. Williams
  13. Laura Bornemann
  14. Maria Kreyn
  15. David Molesky
  16. Marlies Ihmels
  17. Jay Senetchko
  18. Marco Chiuchiarelli
  19. Valeria Canone
  20. Carlo Alberto Palumbo
  21. Ariane Krischke
  22. Stefan Nüetzel
  23. Michael Engelhardt
  24. Boris Koller
  25. Anton Bauer
  26. Meike Müller
  27. Elisabeth Segerer
  28. Billy Roy Økland
  29. Mattias Sammekull
  30. Alexander Balos
  31. Sampo Kaikkonen
  32. Gunnar Haslund
  33. Richard T. Scott
  34. Ibolya Csanadi
  35. Camilla Marie Paulsen
  36. Markus Andersson
  37. Hege Haugen
  38. Alexandra Nedzvetskaya
  39. Denis Ichitovkin
  40. Joakim Ericsson
  41. Matthew Davey
  42. Kjetil Jul
  43. Jonny Andvik
  44. Agostino Arrivabene
  45. Paul Fenniak

The jury consisted of kitsch painters Helene Knoop and Jan-Ove Tuv, as well as Columbia University Ph.D. Candidate, Therese Sjovoll. The jury has emphasized the level of handcraft skill, the ability to render skin and narrative content.

More information at www.worldwidekitsch.com